Update Doubts Upon Any Installation Issues

Hi! At the risk of sounding somewhat pessimistic, I would like Dubler 2 users about their experiences when attempting to use the Dubler 2.2.1 with MIDI Capture 1.3.1 if my understanding of that is correct. Presently, I’m on Windows 10 and have used Dubler 2 only a couple of times as I bought it only a few weeks ago. I understand that to get the update will require complete installation of both Dubler 2 and MIDI Capture, but I have reservations about trying out the download/ installation process in case that it would no longer be compatible with Reaper 6.79 or Windows 10, or, simply that the release my feature any installation bugs? How are users finding this, you guys? Is it worth my doing? How long will the update be free for existing users? Thanks!

Hi, there should be no issues with updating especially if you are using a release from just a few weeks ago. Rest assured if there are any issues with installation our support team will help troubleshoot and we can even provide the older versions if needed, although I very much doubt this would be needed.

The updates in the latest versions will provide the best experience with Dubler so I would definitely recommend upgrading. Updates will always free to all owners of Dubler 2, we’ll only ever charge for a update that would essentially be product i.e a jump from Dubler 2 to 3

Let us know if you have any issues with updating!