USB Mic versus SM57 or 58

I just purchased Dubler2 as the standalone software and while I really love the idea of the app, I’m having issues calibrating my SM57 or SM58 microphone to it. It’s primarily when I’m trying to create drum triggers. My monitors make a sharp popping sound on the initial 2 recordings, then it sounds okay- then when it’s time to play that trigger I hear the unpleasant sound again. I’ve tried adjusting levels on both mics, using pop filters, and the “pad” button on my 2 channel M-Audio FastTrack Pro interface.

It seemed rather senseless to purchase a plastic USB microphone with this plugin when I already owned several nicer mics, but now I’m wondering if that USB mic is best optimized for this app versus using a good dynamic mic like the SM57? Has anyone else had issues with this?

What I determined to be the issue in case anyone else has this- is that I needed to calibrate the microphone in standalone version, or within Ableton. When I tried using this in my regular DAW (Reaper) it just had a lot of little quirks and bugs. When I use it in standalone or with another DAW it works perfectly with my Shure mics, so I’m happy now! :smiley:

An SM57 or SM58 after calibration should give very close results to using the Dubler mic. Happy to hear it’s now working in other apps, but interesting Reaper is giving you issues. Is this specific to using drum triggers, or were there issues in Reaper with pitch as well?

Thanks for the response, yes- this issue is specific to drum triggers, mostly the kick drum. What I really noticed between using this with Ableton versus Reaper was that the response time was MUCH better in Ableton. I tried using 2 different interfaces on separate Reaper PC’s I had, and they both did the same thing. The drum triggers are hard to record takes of, and it crashes out at random. Works perfectly with Ableton though so I’ll take that for now! :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know, I’ll take some time to test this in more depth. Can you let me know if you’re on Windows or Mac, and what version of Reaper you’re running?

I used 2 dynamic mics,(sm57-58) with dubler2 and calibrated them many times on windows…Waste of time…If you wanna use Dubler,buy it’s own mic guys…Totally different,stable,fast response with it’s asio…Now i can use Dubler2 very well after Sm57 and Sm58…The problem is they are not shipping to Turkey and i dont know why…I bought from Berlin and my g.f bring it to me…