Use Dubler mic as normal mic in Ableton live


I have the Dubler microphone and I’d like to use it as a normal microphone (i know it’s not optimized for and it can sound not professionnal but it’s ok).

Is there any particular stetting in the app that i have to do ?

More info :

  • I use Ableton Live, with RME babyface audio interface (RME asio settings in abelton and vochlea app).
  • I heard my voice in the app, but it’s not “recognized” in ableton.
  • I manage to make it work as midi recognition device (but not as a standard audio mic).

Thanks !

Hi, yes you can do this. You just need to select DublerUSB as the audio input in your audio preferences in Ableton live. Dubler mic is a usb connection so wont be using your RME interface!