Using Dubler with a Vocoder

Hi everyone,

We had a few requests for this so our team member Aykan has recently done a video showing how you can use Dubler with a vocoder in Ableton!

If anyone has requests for future videos or plugins you want to see Dubler used with let us know! :v:

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Hi, I tried following this tutorial, I’m on Win 10 and cannot get this working. Dubler is sending MIDI to Ableton 11 just fine, but I cannot set Dubler as a microphone input into Ableton as seen in the video at 1:50.

My soundcard is a Xone:K2 with its own ASIO driver and the Input Config section is blank.

Screenshot 2021-03-31 120729


Unfortunately due to the way Windows routes audio, Dubler can’t be used as a MIDI controller and audio input at the same time. It can only do one at a time

You can still use this method but you’ll need another input source if you have one available. Make sure to place the Dubler microphone and your other microphone close to each other so that they both pick up your voice

If you have any questions about this let me know!