Vochlea mic doesn't show up in Dubler 2

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased the Doubler Studio 2 kit. I’m trying to use Dubler 2 in a new MSI Laptop running Win10, but it doesn’t detect the mic ASIO in the Dubler2 app.
In audio devices, the Mic show and detect input audio, when I plug/unplug the mic for the first time it does the notify sound it usually does when you plug devices by usb but if I unplug and plug again it doesn’t.
I tried uninstalling the software several times as so as the device in Device admin pannel and when I reconnect the mic, it does the connection sound and shows as Microphone (Dubler USB) again in audio devices but it doesn’t show up in the ASIO inputs in Dubler2 app.
I can record audio inside Ableton Live or use the vochlea mic it in other apps (Discord e.g.)

Could you help me please? Thanks in advance

Hi, sorry you’ve had issues getting started. In the Device Manager under ‘sound, video and game controllers’ is there ‘Intel Smart Sound Technology for USB Audio’ or also a similar one called ‘Intel Smart Sound Technology for Digital Microphones’? We’re aware of an issue effecting a small number of users where these devices are interfering with our mic detection

Could you please right click on any Intel Smart Sound device listed in that section and Disable the device. (You don’t need to uninstall just disable)

Please then restart your computer and try open Dubler up again. Let me know if this resolves the issue or not