Vochlea mic on stage

I have a question about stage performance. Did ypu think of updating ypur software or releasing new microphone which would be suitable for on stage situation?

I would also like to know about this! What makes you think the mic won’t do well for a stage performance? I am not using the voclea mic, but I am hoping the feedback from speakers and such doesn’t screw up the triggers live as the first “test” I will be doing with this will be at quite a big gig with a large soundsystem etc!

So far my thinking is that having a mic with high feedback rejection is best. I am using an Audix Om7 which has some of the best feedback rejection and is how I deal with a lot of issues with live looping in larger venues. The other thing is using a graphic eq to notch out any problematic frequencies. And also… retrain the triggers during soundcheck? I dunno though if anyone has any actual real world experience with this I’d love to find out!

Hi! We’ve definitely thought about plenty of changes that could be made to make Dubler more usable on stage. There aren’t any immediate updates coming for this, but it’s definitely on our backlog to take a look at

We do have some noise cancellation algorithms already at play, but depending on your monitoring setup you may still get some feedback particularly on the pitch side of things. Our dynamic mic will still be well placed compared to other for use on stage. The triggers are also a bit more reliable as they are looking out for distinct plosive sounds. During soundcheck I would play around with the sensitivity and input level sliders on the play tab to find the right balance on response and feedback!

We actually will have a Dubler showcase here in London in a few months time, with a few different artists using it on stage. I’ll be able to give you a run down of how that went nearer the time!


Nice , I used and fry this setting at home live .
Also I have sent Vdeo to Kelly already with my Indian sounds sitar flute etc
I did live set up and use the Beta mic .
It seems like working .
I was not that loud in front of my studio monitor thou .
So I also wanted to apply the same process on stage setting
Thankful grateful

I was able to soundcheck wit it recently in a 400 cap club in manchester (although for other reasons I didn’t end up using it for the gig) and it seemed to work as expected with the OM7. however the sound man was grumpy and in a rush though so I didn’t try and test out how high I could push the volume before it had issues with the triggers or feedback.

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