VST MIDI Capture Plugin?

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a regular VST version of the MIDI capture plugin? Reason does not yet support VST3 and I’d really like to use the plugin to smooth out latency issues.

Hi, the plugin is only available as VST3. Steinberg stopped support for VST2 a while back and so new plugin development is all done as VST3

Sorry for any disappointment, from what I can see Reason are very close to VST3 support and it’s a priority for them. The Reason 12 Beta released last month supported VST3 so I would hope you could expect it early 2023!

Thanks, Liam. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Im using a DAW that does not support VST3 either, but i have found a way to run the plugin.

im having issues dragging the midi data into my DAW, but this issue may be specific to my DAW.

I’m using Vestige to run Element, which supports the VST3, and it seems to run, and record smoothly. Hopefully this helps you, and you have no issues dragging he midi data over to your DAW.

So again its DAW > vestige > element > dubler midi vst3. But you may not need vestige if you can get element to run directly from your DAW.