What microphones are best? (budget yet good)

hello, what are the best mics to use with dubler? shure sm48, pga 48, or any other mic suggested with xlr apart from your mic? especially for using it live with vochlea without getting loops in the sound from the speakers. thank you

A dynamic microphone will always give the best results with Dubler, so that’s the most important thing to bear in mind. If we’re not using the Dubler mic we most often use a Shure SM58 in the office, but a 48 would also give very similar results after calibration. I doubt you would be able to tell the difference between the two if it was properly calibrated

I would say as long as it’s dynamic you can use quite a wide range of mics to get good results so it’s really down to personal preference!


I finally purchased Dubler today, just newbie here. Trying to setup Dubler in my project studio found out the following: A Shure SM58/57 and the Betas will work but the kind of preamp used has a major impact. I started using the preamps I use for standard recording Manley (Tube), IPA and Neve flavors… Nope! The character of those preamps are not convenient for this purpose. Since I use a Symphony as my Interface with not build in preamps I added an old small Duet interface I have laying around. It future two very clean preamps, much better results. I am in the process of learning and I understand will take me some time to have all this figured out in order to obtain decent results, but decided to post this comment in case someone else experience issues due to the preamp used.

Hi Galipote, that’s very interesting to hear. We’ll put some time aside to look at how different preamps are effecting the calibration process. As we’re only interested in detectable pitch it’s often the case that the simpler the better! As you’ve mentioned some preamps do add some character, and sometimes even noise but it would be interesting to see how much this effects the input detection