What patch cable to use Dubler Mic with interface?

Due to difficulties with ASIO4ALL, I’ve decided to use an interface than just plug the mic into my computer. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd generation). It has one type C usb port but that’s to connect the interface to the computer for power and data.

All I have left are XLR and TRS ports. I have tried to find the right cable to buy but cannot find one. I’m assuming a USB B male to 1/4" TRS.

Am I right or do I need something else? New to this.


Hi Tim,

The Dubler mic is still separate to your interface. The interface is just used as your output, and the Dubler mic as your input. Both have separate ASIO drivers.
In order to set up make sure your Dubler mic is connected via USB to your computer, and your interface is also connected via USB to your computer.

The Dubler mic will be automatically detected in the app, and you can then set your interface drivers as the output in your DAW. If you need any help setting up email us at help@vochlea.co.uk and we can guide you through it

Thanks for the reply. Yes, Josh informed me how that works after I posted this. Forgot to delete it.

He’s been trying to help me for most of my trial period to get things working right. So far, it’s not ready for prime time. He informed me he could extend the trial period because of this.

I have it set up with my Focusrite, but still having problems. The only way I can keep things (mostly) stable is to use ASIO4ALL on the DAW while not doing so on the Dubler. Now the issue is quick random dropouts in the DAW regardless if it’s keyboard or Dubler input. Crazy stuff.

I have emailed Josh.

I had posted here thinking I could get further faster as the UK is 6 hours ahead of us!

Again, thanks for your reply.