Where do we keep up with software/firmware updates? + Lots of feature requests

Hello all, I recently bought into the Dubler Studio Kit and watched every single tutorial and have attempted to put Dubler to use in practice during music production workflow just two times so far—once for a melodic MIDI line and once for attempting to lay down a 4-instrument percussion rhythm via beatboxing.

As it is, the cost of the Dubler Studio Kit is not equivalent to the applicability of the performance. In other words, it didn’t go well and the purchase doesn’t feel worth it, yet. I of course am aware that half of that lack of performance rests on my shoulders as I will learn how to better utilize it and be a better “mouth musician” on my end for the microphone, but please don’t reply saying “it’s your fault our product is perfect” because it’s certainly not.

However I know with these types of products, the software and firmware are the other half of the improvement formula, so I’m joining the forums to ask:

Where can we pay attention to development updates/blogs/alpha or beta tests of improvements and of course make sure we get each improvement update on day one?
I don’t mind being an early adopter of a product that will (I assume) improve its algorithms, its software, its UI/UX, and its core usability over time, but I really hope Vochlea is on a beeline to improve recognition, filtering out flub notes, and etc ASAP because I did not need another microphone taking up space in my production area and was under the impression that buying the full-kit would give me significantly better tracking than just using the Dubler software with my own microphones. I know there’s a reduction in latency, but, I’m really hoping to get more out of the physical microphone I bought than a latency reduction. Through the software/firmware/etc. I hope to see more profiles for different applications (like a “vibrato singing profile starting point” or a “for poor singers profile starting point”) to reduce the need to 1. learn how to tweak every little parameter and why and 2. then have to tweak every little parameter to optimize for each use case.

I also hope to see the ability to rename drum tracks in the Dubler software. It blew my mind that you (i think) cannot yet do that. Tremendously confusing, setting up beatboxing profiles. Why can’t we just rename the cosmetic in-app name of each track? Drum 1, Drum 2, Drum 3, Drum 4, Drum, 5? What? Why? When they’re actually “Kick, Snare, Closed Hats, Open Hats, Claps, Crash” etc? Why on Earth can’t we change them?

And one last improvement suggestion would be a “time filter” that we could set to a certain duration of time cut-off threshold to dictate that the software would not output any tracking (midi notes/triggers) that are shorter than a certain duration of “on/off” so that, when melodic singing, “flub notes” (which are typically incredibly short in duration) would just go untriggered when a melodic part was slightly off pitch, sliding around more than the stickiness settings could keep under control, etc. Oh and, on the percussion side of things, something similar could be optionally applied to the “training” of each drum trigger where, if a user is noticing that the software is confusing two sounds that are actually very distinct from each other (like, say, a crash cymbal mouth sound triggering a kick drum or an open hi-hat), the user can have “4 circles” to teach Dubler what sounds should NOT trigger that specific drum sound (like, for a kick drum, teach it 8 kick drum mouth sounds, and then turn on a “teach it what NOT” feature, and then fill up 4 extra training nodes with the offending similar sound that causes it to mis-trigger, like in this case, the crash cymbal mouth sound or the open hat sound. Of course, there could be a simple “click the Drum Sound that the software is confusing this Drum Sound with so it knows to dig deeper into its recognition for a differentiation in the two trained sound profiles meant to trigger them independently” type of thing where a user could just click a “teach it NOT” activator and then click any of the offending Drum Sounds.

Anyways my main question was, where can we pay attention to software and firmware updates to get them ASAP and to ensure Vochlea is being proactive about developing updates so we can rest assured that this product isn’t just a “big marketing push to net sales and then move on within a year or two”? Sorry to sound cynical but I’ve seen boutique music gadget companies do this a lot and when the whole point of Dubler is to enable us to get usable results in sequencing MIDI with the mouth, this product really should have done more to ensure that can happen when the product arrives, and spent less time assuring us that it will get better when “we get better”

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Hi Photosynth!

Welcome to the forums. Aside from being on the forums, I’d recommend singing up to our mailing list if you’re not already, and we’ll update users with any future updates as they come out. Users will also be updated of any major updates via the app when they come out

There are few feature requests such as drum trigger naming we already have on our list but please do post any more you think of here as we’re constantly keeping an eye out on the forums. In terms of Dubler’s usability there are a few videos we hope can help with this, primarily the ‘tips for’ videos you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ4e4Oxh56A&t=1s

If there are specific videos you want to see let us know and we’ll add them to our list! You can also drop us an email at any point to help@vochlea.co.uk should there be something specific to your use case. I’m also happy to arrange one on one video calls via the help email should you want to go over things in person and I’d hope we can improve your experience that way

We’re always keen to hear users feedback both positive and negative so please do get in touch with any more thoughts as you use Dubler, I realise you’ve only used Dubler twice so I’m sure there will be more things in the future


Good day Liam, this person Photosynth post is exactly how I feel about your mic and Dubler program. I still after a year of owning and trying to get the mic to work properly, (that is without flaws and/or misstriggered Notes or beats) It’s impossible to do. If I can even get it to setup and work in Ableton live. I’m also very sorry, but all you how to videos you have put on the internet do not fix the software problems of Dubler messing up my drum beats , or melody inputs. I can do exactly how you tip videos show us to do , but still it never works as easy and flawless as you show in all those videos. You all need to fix/update & just make your Dubler software to be totally user friendlier . I’ve always hoped so. You have the greatest idea with your mic and Dubler thing, but man, if it only worked for us customer like you show on All your videos it would be spectacular. But it doesn’t. Sorry for being so confused about your product, but now that u know of our problems it up to your team to FIX it. ASAP. Don’t you think? Still my best wishes to you all at Vochlea and I hope Dubler works out to be the kick ass product it’s Destin to be. Cheers to the Vochlea Team for trying so hard.

Hi, sorry to hear you’re still having issues with Dubler. We’ve absolutely taken on feedback from various users and rest assured our dev team are working hard on improvements for future versions. Aside from this I’m always happy to provide support and try improve your experience with Dubler, you can email help@vochlea.co.uk at any point and I’m also available for video calls should you need. Like any new instrument there can be a slight learning curve, but the videos you’ve mentioned are completely unedited in terms of using Dubler. Hopefully with some time one on one we could get yours working to a similar level

If you have any specific feature requests please do post them on the forums, otherwise I’m available to chat privately at any point