Where is midi capture plug in in Protools?

I can’t find midi capture in the plugins list . I opened and instrument track , went to instruments ( where it is supposed to be ?)
can’t see it

Hi! At the moment MIDI Capture isn’t supported in ProTools as it is not available as an AAX plugin. The plugin is only available in VST or AU formats. We unfortunately can’t put a timeline on when this will be support right now but we’ll keep everyone updated as we go. If you have any questions about this let me know

Any update on midi capture and protools? the new update has no reference to it .
I bought this plugin before I found that it doesn’t work well with Protools . I haven’t been able to use it in a functional way. is your new update going to help with that ?

Hi Mickey,

Unfortunately MIDI Capture is still only available in VST3 or AU formats so won’t work with ProTools still. There are some VST3 wrappers you could look into for ProTools although we haven’t tested any here so can’t guarantee how they would work

If you’re having some issues with using Dubler 2 in ProTools let me know any specifics and I’d be happy to help out. Aside from MIDI Capture support, Dubler 2 should work just as well in PT as any other DAW.