Which microphone is the dubler mic based on?

is it good for discord voice chats?
should it look like this?
i also need to close asio4all and dubler 2 if i wanna listen to youtube or anything else to sing to a sample or song?

how am i supposed to create soundtracks if i cant listen to audio files on soundtrap or youtube?!


The Dubler microphone is a relatively standard dynamic mic, and will be visible in your system under Dubler USB. The mic is intended for use with our software but can also be used as an audio input for other things like Discord if the Dubler app is closed.

If you are on Windows and not using an audio interface then unfortunately ASIO4ALL does limit your experience slightly with apps sharing audio. Due to the way ASIO4ALL works only one application can use an input or output at a time, but you can set your output device to None in Dubler’s settings so it’s only using the Dubler mic as an input. This then leaves your output available for use in a DAW, or other software.

We realise this is not the most ideal experience but this is why we mark ASIO4ALL as a limited experience in our minimum system requirements. We recommend an audio interface with multi-client drivers.

You can find more info and some suggestions on interfaces in our FAQ here - FAQ | Vochlea Music