Will Dubler work with DAWless workstations?

Can Dubler be used with standalone DAWless workstations such as the Akai MPCs and the Roland Verselab MV-1?

Or does it only work with software DAWs on a computer?

Any guides available for connecting it to Akai MPCs or to the Roland Verselab MV-1?

Hi! Dubler is a desktop application so will always require a computer to run the software. That being said you can then send MIDI information from your computer to external hardware if they take MIDI input.

For example if you wanted to control sounds on the Verselab with your voice you can have your laptop running the Dubler 2 software, use a USB to 5 pin MIDI interface to connect your laptop to the Verselab, select your MIDI interface as the output in Dubler 2 and then use Dubler just as you would with a DAW.

Let me know if you have any other questions