Yeti Microphone receiving error

I am getting an error when using my Yeti Microphone. It says “Error when selecting device”

And all the drivers are all updated.

Hi, can you let me know if you’re on Mac or Windows?

As a first port of call I would recommend checking the USB connection and try different USB slots / cables. Also a reinstall of Dubler and the drivers may help. But if you can give me some more info on your setup we can help troubleshoot

I appreciate the suggestions, but the reinstall and usb switch didn’t work either.
I am using windows right now. Let me know what else I can tell you to help.

Hi, can you provide a screenshot of the error message you are getting and also a screenshot of your the devices listed under ‘sound, video and game controllers’ in your Device Manager.
Does the yeti mic work as usual in any other application?

If we need we can arrange a video chat which you can book by emailing us at but happy to try resolve this on here first

It works in every other application I use.
The drivers are said to be up to date for this device.

Hi, if you’re on Windows you’ll need to use ASIO4ALL as the input driver as opposed to yeti’s native one as Dubler 2 only supports ASIO drivers as the input. This in order for Dubler to get a low latency input from a mic. Essentially no other application can be using the Yeti microphone and you can select it from the ASIO4ALL control panel in Dubler

If you haven’t used ASIO4ALL before I would recommend watching our video on this here - How to setup ASIO4ALL with Dubler

It can be a little tricky to set up at first so if you need a hand with the configuration let me know. Happy to answer any questions

Alright thank you, I think I got it setup now.